Kroon Biokinetics specializes in golf evaluations to improve your golf swing & avoid or rehabilitate an injury.

The golf evaluation consist of the following:

  • Postural & strength test analysis determining muscle imbalances.
  • Video Analysis
  • We make use of Dartfish video solutions in all our video analysis techniques. We analyse both the general population and elite athletes golf swing. We film the four phases of the golf swing and analyse them with the use of grids, lines and movement tracking. With this information we correlate your current golf swing to the optimal golf  swing’s angle & execution.
  • Biofeedback training and neuro-muscular assessment.
  • When your rotatory cuff muscles is weak, the upper trapezuis may work with the deltoid to elevate the shoulder, enhancing muscle imbalances, encouraging incorrect mechanisms and aggravating the shoulder. A technique that can be used to control and retrain the upper trapezius are biofeedback. Biofeedback can be used to either facilitate rotatory cuff activity or reduce upper trapezius activity during shoulder elevation exercises. The specific application depends on the electrode placement, machine settings and motion desired.
  • Goniometry measurements determining current shoulder range of motion & comparing it to elite golfing norms.  
  • Designing an exercise program to re-educate neuromuscular systems, & establish balances between muscle imbalances.

If you are suffering from a golf injury or want to improve your golf swing come in for a golf evaluation today!

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