Kroon Biokinetics offers vitality days for companies at their work place or a scheduled wellness day for individuals. Each individual can earn up to 32 500 points on the day. As a Discovery, Momentum, Momentum multiply, Sanlam reality and Camaf member, you can kick-start your Health Returns by attending a wellness day and visiting the Biokineticist, Dietician and Nurse. All three stations will provide you with expert guidance, tools and support to help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Attending the Wellness day each individual can receive a maximum of 32 500 points which can push your status up to gold. The entire process will take an hour for the whole family.

Brake up of points needed to reach gold status:

Virgin Life Care strives to deliver substantial benefits to clients, insurers, employers and employees through a range of fun, accessible, engaging and effective health interventions.

As a direct result of these specialist health interventions, an individual can reduce medical aid claims and expenditure, reduce absenteeism and enhance workplace culture and productivity – all of which significantly lower the costs for insurers and employers alike.

The invoices to claim your money back from Discovery will be e-mailed to you within 7 days following your
assessment. You may send your claim to Discovery Health by fax to 011 539 7347 or email

Vitality points are allocated within two to four weeks and can be followed up with Discovery Vitality at 0860 99 88 77. 

For more information on each assessment offered on the vitality day click on the following links.