The first station will be with the biokineticist for their fitness assessment. Remember to wear clothing which you are comfortable in exercising in. This assessment only takes 15-20 minutes and includes the following:

  • Height, Weight, Length and Blood Pressure are checked and recorded. (These figures are

required by all the wellness partners on the day)

  • Body fat percentage: calculated via the skin fold caliper test
  • Cardiovascular Fitness test: step test of 12 minutes
  • Health and Fitness report will be emailed to members after the assessment by Discovery from their server. This report will help you understand your current fitness level and know which areas they need to focus on. This report includes an exercise program.
    • We recommend comfortable gym clothes for this assessment. 


Vitality Points  

All adults can earn up to 7 500 Vitality points for this assessment
You can also earn bonus points based on your fitness levels.

Level 2 - 2000 points extra
Level 3 - 4000 points extra
Level 4 - 6000 points extra
Level 5 -7500 points extra 

  • End results

    • When you’re finished, you’ll receive:
    • A hard copy report;
    • A folder with supporting information; and
    • An exercise programme designed around your goals 

Your results are useful for kick-starting an exercise programme or in seeing how successful your previous programme was. We recommend a follow-up assessment after 5 months to check your progress.

All the points you earn for this assessment go towards the fitness category, and you can earn .a 

maximum of 15 000 bonus fitness points a year. Your Vitality points will be automatically allocated two to four weeks after your assessment and can be followed up with Discovery Vitality at

0860 99 88 77

Payment for the Vitality fitness Assessment

The cost for the Vitality Fitness Assessment is R200. This is payable via EFT before the assessment day to secure your booking and can be claimed back from/your Medical Savings Account (if you have funds available)