The next stop is the Registered Nurse who will do a finger prick screening test for Cholesterol and Blood glucose levels. Clients need to be 2 hours fasting for these tests.

Voluntary HIV screening is done here as well. 

Vitality points

You can earn up to 1500 points per test for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol.

Vitality achievement points (the same number allocated for having done the test) can be earned for
each test if your results are within the goal range. 

Reaching and maintaining weight and waist  circumference.Goal weight BMI between 18.5- and 24.9 and waist circumference for men less than 102 cm and for woman less than 88cm.

2500 Points

Blood pressure – 140 mmHg/90mmHg or less (over 18 years) The hypertension info is from South African Hypertension Guidelines

1500 Points

Glucose – less than 6.5 mmol/l (over 18 years of age). The diabetes info is from the SA Diabetes guidelines

1500 Points

Cholestrol – less than 5 mmol/l (over 18 years). The hyperlipidaemia info is from NCEP guidelines

1500 Points

Vitality points are allocated within two to four weeks and can be followed up with Discovery Vitality at 0860998877

HIV test

An HIV test is either a set of blood tests, oral swab test or finger prick test used to diagnose infection
with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. If the test is positive, it will have to be confirmed with a second
blood test. The HIV test results are confidential and results are made available to your personal
general practitioner

Vitality points

All adults (older than 21) can earn up to 5 000 Vitality points for having an HIV test. Vitality points are allocated within two to four weeks and can be followed up with Discovery Vitality at 0860998877. 

Payment for the Vitality Check


Discovery Health covers the cost of R285.00 once a year from your Screening Benefit. The screening
benefit does not come from your savings account. If you have a Life Policy at Discovery and are NOT
 on Discovery Health Medical Aid,
the R285.00 is paid by you on the day of the test. This is payable via EFT before the assessment day to secure your booking and can be claimed back from/your Medical Savings Account (if you have funds available)